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1. Tipe Pertandingan Sabung Ayam

1.1.1 : Sabung Ayam Online (Laos/Vietnam) 

Matching, Lake & Break
Weight Both cocks must be the same weight.
Spurs Arena will provide Red (Left) & Blue (Right) tape, The cock that has longer or sharper spurs then will be covered with 2 more pieces of tape.
Supplement Rice, water, sewing needle, sugar all are provided by arena.
Lake (Round) 20 minutes each round; Maximum 15 rounds.
Break time 5 to 10 minutes:

  1. Referee to check tape covered spurs are still on, stick new tape if require.
  2. In break time: cocks can eat rice, sugar, water and being sewed if they have injuries (all these are served by cock owners)
Extension of break (rest) Each owner can request for 1 extension of break (rest) time (total 10 minutes if both owner request)
Water Same type and same bottle from start to end, no using of different type of water.
Drugs Medicine or doping drugs used in fight is prohibited, violate of rule will be count as loss.
  • Weight : which chicken is heavier than the other by 100g (the lighter one will kick freely the heavier one for 10 minutes (beak is covered, only kicking)
  • Height: taller, the same as above, kick freely for 5 minutes
  • Longer spurs: 2 more tape covers
  • Sharper spurs: 2 more tape covers
  • Maximum: 10 minutes for free kicking

** Tape cover is provided by arena.

In Battle When 2 cocks stop fighting for 30 seconds, The referee will say “pull chicken” and put 2 cocks back to the start line, Cock owners have 10 seconds to water the cocks and fight resume.
Win, Loss and Draw
Loss counts when:
  • One dies
  • One does not bite and kick in 1 round
  • One runs away, shout out and scared to face to the other cock
  • One jumps outside of arena continuously

** If these actions happen in the first 5 minutes of round 1. Result of this match will be cancelled

Draw when:
  • Both cocks die
  • Both cocks run away and does not fight
Weight of Cock is specified as follows
Heavy cocks weighing >4kg
Mid-range cocks weighing 3-4 kg
Light weight cocks weighing <3kg


1.2.1 : Sabung Ayam CHALLENGE (Open Fight) – Philippines 

SABONG, a cockfighting event where Banker accepts any challenge to their prize cock to a fight with high amount of wager on the line. The Player challenge them with a smaller center bet laid.
Banker The Banker issues the challenge and and has bigger center bet laid, making them the slight favourite. Starting odds will favour Banker most of the time.
Player The Player challenge the Banker and has smaller center bet laid, making the the least favourite. Starting odds will not favour Player most of the time.
Draw Both Cocks die and declare draw. Banker and Player bets will be refunded. FTD bets will not be refunded and counted as loss.
FTD “Full Time Draw” : Both Cocks alive and declare draw after Ten minute limit COUNTDOWN. BankerPlayer and Draw bets will not be refunded and counted as loss.


1.2.2 : Pertarungan DERBY (Tournament Sabung Ayam) – Philippines 

DERBY, a cockfighting event organized by the federation or a promoter where the participants agree to fight a given number of cocks matched according to uniformity or proximity in weights upon the result of which a pool of money (pot) is disposed and paid by the federation/promoter to the winners.


Banker Banker starting odds will be based on the arena live information.
Player Player starting odds  will be based on the arena live information.
Draw Both Cocks die and declare draw. Banker and Player bets will be refunded. FTD bets will not be refunded and counted as loss.
FTD “Full Time Draw” : Both Cocks alive and declare draw after Ten minute limit COUNTDOWN. BankerPlayer and Draw bets will not be refunded and counted as loss.


2. Fair Game Rules

2.1 : Reason for : Cancel Fight
Live Streaming Unforeseen issues such as internet connectivity, power source or weather disturbances causing the live stream to be interrupted before the fight started. All bets placed will be refunded if the fight is not shown on game site.

*Note : Once the fight started and if interruption occurs for game site live streaming, results will be based on arena declaration. Members can refer to replay for verification.

Prize Not Match The winning prize between Banker & Player is not matched between both breeders. Match will be canceled and all bets will be refunded.
Cock Swap Player challenge Banker with a heavier center bet laid than previously agreed on local arena; cocks will change sides and then fight. To ensure a fair game for all members, all bets placed will be refunded and stream will not be shown for the fight.
Entry Name Changed Entry name for either Banker / Player is changed but same cock for the match. Arena Management has the right to continue or cancel the fights. Results will be based on Banker / Player and not on entry name, Entry name will be use for references only.
Arena Management Decision Arena management has the right to cancel any match; Announcement will be made on a case by case basis for explanation on arena decision.

  1. Match started but cock determine to be injured by Arena Management. As long as no cut or bleed on either cock, arena management has the rights to cancel the fight.
  2. Any other unforeseen circumstances.
2.2 : Reason for : Void Ticket
Bet not closed in time Due to unforeseen technical issues, bet placed after fight started will be void and refund to members.
2.3 : Opening Fight
Starting Odds Starting odds for both Banker / Player will be determined by professional that analysis the cock strength based on breed, trainer/handler, farm of the cock.
2.4 : Cock Image Policy
Cock image on game site different from video The company strives to provide every user an enjoyable experience in cockfighting. Cock images on game site will be chosen by closest reference to the actual cock; actual betting on Banker / Player will be based on the live stream.

Banker cock will be always be on the left side during split screen.

Player cock will always be on right side during split screen.

No actual references of cock image on game site will be used to determine selection of Banker / Player bettings.

2.5 : Live Verification Camera
Verification of Live Game All matches provided by the gamesite are hosted in legal cockfighting arenas in the Philippines as approved by National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders (NFGB).

Members can click on “Live Verification” to verify authenticity of our live stream. Date & Time will be shown and  members can call the Live Verification number with their Caller ID number displayed as verification of live streaming.

2.6.1 : Full Time Draw (Philippines)
Type of Timer There will be two types of timer used in the Arena.

Stopwatch : start from 00:00:00 to 10:00:00
Countdown : countdown from 10:00:00 to 00:00:00

Types of timer used is based on Arena Management.

Declaring full time draws before the time reach 10 minutes In some rare cases, Arena Management will declare Full Time Draw (FTD) even before the timer reach 10 minutes. Results will be based on the replay, results will be FTD if fight last for at least 9m45s.
2.6.2 : Full Time Draw (South America)
Full Time Draw Declaration “Full Time Draw” : Both Cocks lost the will to fight or died and declare draw by the arena management.
2.6.3 : Pending Bet (Laos / Vietnam)
Pending Bet During certain points of the fight, bets might be switched into pending mode. This would mean that the fight is at a crucial moment and the bet will be pending and would only be accepted if the fight carries on later as usual.

To be fair to customers, switching to pending mode is decided by a team of professionals who will be observing the fight at all times.